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"Was she moving when the door opened?"

Tanner blinked hard. "No. I didn't see her move. Why do you ask?"

"I want to know when she died," Eileen said.

"Oh," Tanner said in a dazed voice. He was very pale.

"Did you know Terry?"

"Not really. I worked with her, but we weren't friends."

"Do you know someone who would want to kill her?"

Tanner looked down at his own large hands, as though he were trying out the idea on himself. He opened his palms wide and looked at them.

"No," he said finally. "I don't. I really don't."

Eileen nodded. She expected that answer from everyone she questioned. At first, that is. Later, when the heat turned up on all of them, someone would start to talk.

"Okay, then, let me ask you some questions about today. Tell me what you did today."

"I work on the Truth Team during the Game," he replied obediently. "I watch the true picture of the War. We have to-"

"What do you mean, 'Truth Team'? And what's a 'true picture'?"

"Urn. Well, we play both teams-Enemy and American. Because our satellite and intelligence operations might screw up, just like in real life, the Simulation tries to duplicate that by rolling the dice."

Tanner smiled at her confused expression, the first smile she'd seen.

"Let me explain. Say you think a submarine is three hundred miles north of Bermuda. What if it's actually one hundred miles south? The American Team sees a little submarine flag north of Bermuda, and the Truth Team sees a little submarine flag south. The Enemy side would have proper coordinates for their own subs and missiles, but they'd have best guesses for ours. The Truth Team knows what we call 'truth,' so we can a.n.a.lyze the Game data later and figure out how the system worked."

"So where's the Enemy Team?" Eileen was confused. Were there Gamers she didn't know about?

"Oh, well, we play the Enemy Team for the Games, mostly. Today it was a full-scale Game with Flag Officers involved. So the Germans played the 'Mad Sub' scenario this time, with real missiles. But they were duds, you know."

"I would hope so," Eileen murmured, feeling even more confused.

"We usually play the Bad Guys in the Truth Room. Sometimes I play the Chinese, the Arabs, the j.a.panese-"

"The j.a.panese? You've got to be kidding."

"No," Tanner said. "We play everybody. I mean everybody. I've played a War Game where Great Britain tries to take us back as a colony. I liked that one. I guess you know this is all cla.s.sified. Major Blaine said to tell you everything we could."

"Yes, I have a clearance. So you play Bad Guys and you know the true state of the Game," Eileen said. She fought another distressing moment of doubt, and cursed Harben for getting her into this mess. "You have your own room in the Center for this?" At his nod, she said, "Did you leave your room during the Game today?"

"No, I didn't," Tanner said. He was starting to look a little better, but now the color drain

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