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denylistianto > Highland Menage: A Perfect Wife > Part 3
Kiera sat with her back to the fire letting her hair dry. She'd been carefully washed, both men remarking on every little thing that had changed in her body while they'd been gone. Then they'd repeated it, slowly drying her from her nose to the tips of her toes. And between the toes, as well, which tickled. One of these days she would have them at her mercy and would do some tickling of her own! Malcolm and Duff had washed themselves quickly, but no less thoroughly. And now they were acting like her brothers.

"Must you snap the drying cloth at each other like that?"

A silent look pa.s.sed between them. The cloths were tossed aside. With matching grins and eager eyes they came toward her.

"At least with bruises I can easily tell you apart."

"Och, la.s.sie, ye can always tell me from my brother," said Duff. He stabbed himself in the chest with his thumb. "For I was the best man when ye spoke yer vows"-the thumb went sideways-"while he's just yer husband."

Instead of waiting for a command, she took control. She dropped her head, looking seductively up at them through her eyelashes as she went to her knees. She took a c.o.c.k in each hand before they could react. They shuffled nearer until both fists were near her mouth. She had large hands for a woman. Otherwise she'd not be able to close her fingers around them. Her father and brothers had always said she had a big mouth. Though they hadn't mean it this way, she was glad of it.

"Maybe there's a way to tell you apart, other than bruises." It was actually easy for her, especially as Duff was usually relaxed and Malcolm tense. Right now both were tense, breathing hard, their c.o.c.ks throbbing in her fists. "I wonder," she murmured as if to herself, "which one tastes best?"

She caught a drop from the left c.o.c.k on the tip of her tongue. Duff groaned as she savored the taste. She switched to the right and repeated it. Malcolm inhaled a hiss. Back to Duff again, she released her grip and bent to place a kiss above his b.a.l.l.s at the base of his shaft. He made a choking sound. She smiled to herself as she used her tongue to swipe his hot c.o.c.k all the way up his shaft to the tip. Duff pulled away before she could grasp him again.

"Jesu, Kiera, if ye do that I willna last!"

She sighed at him as if greatly disappointed. "If you'll come that fast I guess you're not the best man after all."

Malcolm's laugh was cut short when she flicked her tongue over his b.a.l.l.s before following the same route. They must have pa.s.sed one of their silent messages as they each lifted one of her arms and carried her backward across the room.

"Did you not like what I was doing?"

"We liked it too well," said Duff in a low growl. "We canna come three times."

"Three? Is that a promise?"

Malcolm lowered his eyebrows at her. "She doubts us, brother."

"Then we'd best prove it."

They set her on her back in their new bed made of thick pallets. Duff grabbed a fi

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