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Chapter 22

Yang Heng has not had any medicine on him, he was unable to open his eyes and speak . He can only try to a.n.a.lyze the information in their words and try to understand his current situation . What did another man say before about ‘the profile of a monarch’? Who is he talking about? Is it … is it he; Yang Heng?

“Fang Hai, as long as you are not dead, he can be saved! You are the proud disciple of the Miracle Doctor Xinyi!” The man who spoke earlier spoke again .

Yang Heng felt relieved when he heard these words . He also heard of the name of the Miracle Doctor Xinyi . He is not only famous in the Jianghu, but the common people in Qi state also knew that he has superb medical skills in raising dead people’s flesh and bones . The oldest qualified doctor in the palace; Han Taiyi, also claimed to be far inferior in medical skills . He did not expect that he could meet that person’s disciple . It seems that there is no need to worry too much about his injury .

He was only awake for a while, then he heard some good news that cheered him up, so his heart was calm . He had no energy to listen to what they said next and fell asleep again in a daze .

When he woke up again, Yang Heng felt as if he had some strength . He tried to open his eyes and saw that he was sleeping on a wooden bed . The room was furnished with all kinds of furniture, but there was no decoration . White walls and semi-new and neat furniture, it looked simple and clean .

It was already bright outside the window . He lay quietly for a while and tried to turn around with his inner force . Although he was weak in strength, it seemed that there was nothing wrong with him, but his hands and feet were numb and unable to move .

It was very rare for him to be poisoned . Just as he was secretly glad, he suddenly heard a creaking sound . The door was pushed open and a handsome young man, about 14 or 15 years old, dressed as a servant came in .

“You really did wake up; would you like some water?” The handsome young man came up .

Yang Heng’s throat was dry as a desert and nodded . The teenager came up, squatted down, grabbed the handle under the bed and shook it gently . Yang Heng did not know why, but soon, he felt the bed moving, and his upper body was lifted up with the bed board just a little . In a few moments, he changed positions from lying down to half-seated .

The young man turned around and poured a cup of clean water to his mouth . Yang Heng forgot about the mechanism under the bed and opened his mouth to drink the water .

He felt his throat was better, so he asked a cla.s.sic question: “Where is this place?”


The teenager poured him another gla.s.s of water and replied, “This is Bai Family Village . My young mistress rescued you . My name is Gan Lan and I am responsible for looking after you . Just a moment, I’ll ask Doctor Fang to see you . ”

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