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Chapter 27

Behind the couple, there were also ten servants, each of whom had a smart, fresh and good appearance — (especially outstanding against the couple in the background) . Their eyes, nose, and heartfocused, without any eyes wandering and looking at each other . Yang Heng was satisfied and went into the house first .

(眼观鼻鼻观心地 [ yǎn guān bí, bí guān xīn] = Eyes, nose, and heart/mind/character . Concentration in all aspects i . e . they bowed with respect and focus . )

To his surprise, the Bai Family couple were ugly but generous in demeanor, without the humble cowardice of ordinary people in the face of the royal family, which made him a little more curious about the background of the Bai couple .

Bai Chou and his wife knew that their appearance was easy to cause adverse reactions, so they left early . Yang Heng deliberately kept Bai Ping Zi and let them go .

After all the people left, Yang Heng took a look at Bai Ping Zi and asked with a smile, “I heard that Second Steward Bai is proficient in physiognomy, can you have a look at Bengong?”

Bai Ping Zi saw him behave like this and knew that he must have known that he had said that he had the face of a ‘monarch’ . He spoke with a dry smile: “I can’t say I’m proficient in it, just an insignificant skill . Nothing to bet on . ”

“The is only the three of us, speak honestly . No matter what you say, no one would spread the word out . If you say something wrong, I’m sure the Lord won’t blame you . ” Said Lie Dang .

Bai Ping Zi knew that it was useless to make excuses . He had to tell Yang Heng the prediction according to what was said in his family heirloom .

Yang Heng seemed calm on the surface, but he was overjoyed in his heart . He said quietly: “What this gentleman said is good advice . But, this kind of thing is too big . Please be careful with your words and deeds . ”

Bai Ping Zi nodded repeatedly, in his heart, he thought: Had I known it was so accurate, I wouldn’t have said it all over the place!

Bai Fu Ling doesn’t know that her place to play had been occupied . She is pulling Fang Hai to look at the ‘green eyes’ she bought that day in the ‘public ward’ behind the Daixing courtyard and asking when his injury would be cured .


‘Green eyes’ woke up the next day . He kept silent as if he were mute . He didn’t ask anything . Even seeing a beauty like Bai Fu Ling didn’t change his expression .

Fang Hai examined him carefully and then said to Bai Fu Ling, “Miss, he is in good condition . The wound on the leg is good, he can walk after half a month’s rest . After half a year’s training, he should be able to recover to his previous strength . ”

After hearing this, ‘green eyes’ suddenly looked up and looked at Fang Hai in disbelief .

Bai Fu Ling smiled and said, “eh? Do you understand us? Do you speak the language of

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