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Yang Hang nodded to let Lie Dang continue. Lie Dang said: “This sort of behavior from Bai family is simply like they see Bei Guan City as their own. Miss Bai’s actions are beyond belief. At such a young age, she dared to speakconceited nonsense in public. And those soldiers of the northern army weren’t surprised by her outrageous words. It can be seen that she usually also acts like this. And the northern army along with the citizens of the Bei Guan City only know that there’s Bai family and forgot that there’s still an emperor.”

Lie Dang kept saying that Bai family is this and that. Apparently, he didn’t believe what the spies had said earlier – that miss Bai had the last word on the matters of Bai family. But it’s no wonder, who would believe that the tyrant of Bei Guan City was actually an arrogant girl who hadn’t received the hairpin yet.

“But,” Lie Dang pondered for a while before continuing, “If we can convert Bai family for our own use……”

He raised his eyes to look at Yang Han who was sitting in front of him. From the information of the spies, it seemed miss Bai Fu Ling was a key player who could influence Lu Ying and Bai couple. As long as they had this girl in their control, many problems could be solved.

His master was famous in the capital for being a loose man. Although on the surface, he had no job or power and only had n.o.ble royal blood, but he was the dream lover of many ladies in the capital.

That miss Bai’s origin and status was but an ordinary merchant’s daughter. Although she acted arrogant and vicious, but from what they heard, her relations.h.i.+p with Lu Ying was close and her family was really wealthy. Her looks were also something rare in this world. Making her become master’sqiewas something possible. An ordinary merchant’s daughter could become theqieof a prince, for her parents and household, it’s a glory that they couldn’t even beg for.

Marriage has always been a way to combine power. If marrying a girl could affect the att.i.tude of the general of the northern army Lu Ying, then this could be considered as ‘the thing is worth its value’.

Yang Hang understood his meaning and smiled: “I didn’t know that you also liked to joke. Do you also think that someone with such an ident.i.ty like Lu Ying would be ordered around by a little girl?”

His impression of Bai Fu Ling wasn’t very good. She may be beautiful but she was too arrogant. She doesn’t know how to keep face and doesn’t know the virtues of a woman. He didn’t know how Bai family taught their daughter. Although his character was that of a loose man, but it’s not like the moment he saw a beauty, he’d want to make her his own.

Yang Hang shook his head. In his mind flashed that arrogant and proud expression of Bai Fu Ling. It’s the first time he saw such beautiful woman who also liked to show off. Have to admit, compared to the ladies in the capital, she seemed more fresh. The process of taming such a woman must be interesting.

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