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Yang Mei said frustrated: “If uncle Niu heard this, he’ll be so heartbroken that he won’t be able to eat……”

There are many of those useless ‘famous flowers’ from Bai Fu Ling’s mouth in Bai family’s manor. Uncle Niu is thehead gardener of Bai family’s manor. His favorite thing is to cultivate rare flower species. These famous flowers are his life.

But Bai Fu Ling never have good feeling for those famous flowers who needs to be tended. She prefers the ones which doesn’t take much effort to cultivate and with real value. This is also the spirit that she carried on when looking at people.

“That’s good. I can save money of a few meals,” Bai Fu Ling said.

Yang Mei has been defeated by this elegant miss who hold grudges. She suddenly remembered something her husband told her. She said: “Husband said that recentlyyahang1received some goods. There’s a lot of new stuff. He is asking if miss will go to theyahangto take a look and at the same time check the accounting books.”

After Bai family’syahangbegan to operate in business, the management is left to Yang Mei’s husband Bai Shang Lu. Bai Fu Ling rarely ask after it. As long as the money she receives every month is increasing, that’s proof that Bai Shang Lu is doing his job well. Then that’s enough. On contrary, it’s Bai Shang Lu who often chased after her in a businesslike manner to report all the matter and also to remind her to check the accounting books.

Bai Fu Ling have some interest the ‘new stuffs’ from Yang Mei’s mouth. And beside after dinner it’s suitable to go bully the men and dominate the women as a little exercise.

“I also have not been out for many days. This afternoon, let’s make a trip toyahang. Didn’t Bai Bingzi2said that center of the city, there’s a Huangs.h.i.+ furenwho has a beautiful face and also a good hand for embroidery work? We can go and get her here!”

“Miss, the selling (slave) contracts in your possession is almost more than the paper money. For what do you want to get so many people?”

Yang Mei helplessly said that. Even though she and her husband freed themselves, but their slave contracts has remained in Bai Fu Ling’s possession. She (BFL) said it’s a souvenir. She (YM) really doesn’t understand what kind of strange hobby is this.

“I’m happy!” (this is sarcastic. She means that as long as she is happy she can do anything)

Bai Fu Ling lazily lay on the boat and rolled her body over. She lowered her head and looked down at the lake. She playfully held a handful hair scratching the surface of the lake. The circle ripples quickly attracted a few bold fish. They wanted to chase ‘food’.

Bai Fu Ling saw that the stupid fishes has been fooled by her hairs, she laughed heartily.

On the boat, there’s a girl covered in thing clothes revealing her smooth curves. She has a delicate and graceful posture. Yang Mei even as a girl couldn’t help but be in daze. She couldn’t help but think about the painting of a fairy that she saw in they

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