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Chapter 30

Ju Hong served Liu Zhenzhen since she was a child, and her future laid with her . Therefore, knowing that the journey was hard, she volunteered to follow her . Seeing her so angry at this moment, she was afraid that she would turn against Cui Zhenyi in a rage . She hurriedly urged in a low voice: “Miss, you still depend on her, so bear with it first . ”

“Depend on her? Cousin-in-law doesn’t respect her at all . What’s the use of depending on her?”

“Miss’s cousin, after all, is General Lu legally married wife . I can’t tell you to do anything else, but if Miss wants to get a prestigious position, she can definitely do it . ”

Qi State Law stipulates that concubinage is not allowed for the common people . A man with a high official position must obtain the consent of his lawful wife; in addition to having a legitimate reason to report to the government for approval . Although the law has existed for a long time, officials in the imperial court will not violate it if they want to keep their good reputation and not caught by others .

However, not taking formal concubines does not prevent them from getting more servant girls and mistresses, and they also save the procedure of going to see the government officials .

Liu Zhenzhen can’t be an unknown concubine, so it’s inevitable to rely on Cui Zhenyi in the end . Knowing that Ju Hong’s words are reasonable, she bit through two brocade handkerchiefs and endured .

At dinner, Liu Zhenzhen finally met Lu Ying, the well-known General of the North Garrison . She had heard that Lu Ying was young and handsome . Today, when she saw him, she was sure of that . When she thought about his position, she was even more moved . Thinking of how her cousin; Cui Zhenyi became his legal wife, while he in his early twenties became a senior official, and many official wives would bow their heads and knees when they saw her, her mind suddenly filled with all kinds of envy, jealousy and hatred .

Although Lu Ying had a cold face from beginning to end, Liu Zhenzhen did not say a word or even look at him, except for the casual nod when Cui Zhenyi introduced Liu Zhenzhen, but Liu Zhenzhen still believed that this was a good start .

Lu Ying didn’t even remember the taste of the food after the meal . He hastily took a few bites and dropped his rice bowl . He went to the front yard to ask the night-watch officials how the preparations were going for the imperial envoy, and whether they could find out how far the ceremonial attendance of the imperial envoy was from Beiguan City . He did not want the Sixth Royal Highness with that licentious face of his to stay on Bai Li Mountain for longer than he has to .


Yang Heng and Lie Dang live in another courtyard beside the Heling lake . They are more and more curious about the Bai family . The Bai Li mountain seems to be

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