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Chapter 25

“You have to ask him about it . I just feel that this guy is definitely not just someone from the Jianghu . We rarely see a real Jianghu person . At least they should look like Bai Ah Da . They either have a tough face or vicious to their bones . They will never look like a white-faced scholar . His bearing is clearly a person who has lived in a high position for a long time, and didn’t Bai Ping Zi say he had the face of a monarch?” Bai Fu Ling thinks everything is possible in this world because of her peculiar experience . The doubts put forward by Bai Guo were nothing .

Bai Guo listened to all her conjectures and was frustrated: “Why did you suddenly believe in the Second Steward?”

“I have always trusted him . ” Bai Fu Ling looked innocent while eating fruit .

“You keep lying to others like this . ” Bai Guo, with a snort, sat cross-legged beside the reclining chair and drank two sips of warm tea slowly . Finally, she could not help but say: “You obviously doubt his ident.i.ty, why insist on doing things this way? What good will it do us to provoke these n.o.ble people to bear grudges and resentments? You… this temper, ah …”

“He wants to travel incognito and conceal his ident.i.ty, so I just cooperated with him . If you don’t know, it’s not a crime …” Bai Fu Ling refused to admit that it was because of her bad habit . And somehow, she always felt that Yang Heng wouldn’t really care about these ‘small things’ and put it against her . People who have the image of a monarch wouldn’t be too restrained by small things, after all, they saved his life .

The ancient society paid more attention to moral reputation than modern society . The more famous some people are, the more afraid they are to do such things . Although the Bai Family is only a merchant family, her brother Lu Ying is an important official in the imperial court and a general guarding one side . No one is willing to risk their reputation for a little resentment, especially His Royal Highness; Yang Heng, who is still just an ordinary Prince . It’s too late to attract Lu Ying .

The more Bai Fu Ling thinks about it, the more she feels that there will be no problem in doing so . So, she whispered to Bai Guo: “Don’t tell anyone what I told you, including the Second Steward!” Bai Ping Zi, though capable, was accustomed to it . It’s better not to tell him first . He isn’t a very proud person, he would be the first one to bow down to The Sixth Prince .

Bai Guo knows she can’t change Bai Fu Ling’s decision . She nods her head and promises to keep it secret . Ah … under the circ.u.mstances, only the big saying of ‘the ignorant is not guilty’ can be used to resist . Therefore, the ignorant should firmly pretend to be ignorant .

When Yang Heng returned to the room, he turned over the teaching materials sent by Gan Lan casually . What was on it was not the enlightenment of ‘Three-Character Sutra’

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