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Chapter 16 Promo photo-shoot

Ling Xi talked and explained to An Ruifeng for a long time that he had no interest in men.

"How about women?"

Ling Xi considered it: "I should like them right?..."

"Should?" An Ruifeng burst out laughing: “Is it worth your time to ponder such a question? Have you ever had a girlfriend?”

Ling Xi blushed: "It’s because I'm famous!" He spread his hands: "You know... celebrities don't have the freedom to casually make friends." Unfortunately, this sentence was delivered by a 12th tier star and lacked credibility.

An Ruifeng was noncommittal and reached out to take the salmon suitcase from Ling Xi, before turning around to invite him to follow. They’d walked a few steps side by side when An Ruifeng suddenly said: "...Actually, I believe that when it comes to love, you are better suited to being cared for than caring for others. You should be aware that today’s young girls are extremely demanding."

An Ruifeng's eyes were riveted ahead. When Ling Xi turned to face him, his sight was drawn to An Ruifeng's side profile. It was around six or seven o'clock in the evening, just before sunset. The evening sun's afterglow delicately illuminated An Ruifeng's flawless brow, nose, and jaw. Ling Xi was taken aback for a moment. He thought he finally understood why An Ruifeng's ardent supporters referred to him as "a man more dazzling than the sun."

He turned back and stared at the ground, saying with great difficulty: "Find someone who can take care of me?" He picked his fingernails to hide his awkwardness, "But the rich women in their 30s and 40s think I’m too old."

“...” An Ruifeng didn't know what to say, so he consoled him: "It's okay, they also despise me for being older."


Ling Xi spent another day in S City's film and television district before returning to B City in the evening. His two days of vacation were squandered in S city. He didn't feel like he'd gotten much rest, and yet he would have to devote himself to intensive homework.

Wu Youpeng's face looked as long as a donkey's in response to Ling Xi's rash departure. When Ling Xi asked for another day off, Wu Youpeng shook his head: "You don't have time to waste. This morning, I received a call from the crew of Jian Jue Tianxia. Their finances and employees are largely in place. The promotional photographs will be taken the following week."

"So fast?" Ling Xi was surprised.

"It's not fast. It’s been over two months since the audition. The filming would have begun by now if it hadn't been for the sponsorship." Wu Youpeng, with a disgusted expression, remarked, "You should eat less over the next two weeks. Take a look at your glowing face. It’s clear you did not suffer during your trip to visit An Ruifeng."

An Ruifeng particularly asked Ling Xi - the Human Flesh Express - to eat at a high-end Japanese restaurant to thank him for delivering the suitcase yesterday. Because of the celebrities, there were several hig

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