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Chapter 11 Omnipotent

Although An Ruifeng's proposal was unexpected, it was actually a good idea. Bao Hui was able to convince his agent to approach Ling Xi to sing his song because of three factors: first, his role in the drama was more important; second, he was more popular; and third, he had a reputable company backing him.

But what if there was someone more popular than him?

An Ruifeng had taken the initiative to ask for this song in order to protect Ling Xi's job. Even if Bao Hui was not reconciled, there was nothing he could do. Bao Hui had no reason to put pressure on Ling Xi without the fuse of the ending song. After all, Bao Hui did not represent the company, and his reach was limited.

Ling Xi grasped these key points quickly and recognized An Ruifeng's good intentions.

When An Ruifeng said the same words with the same meaning that sounded only disgusting when spoken by Bao Hui's agent, Ling Xi was moved to tears. He'd poured his heart and soul into creating that song, which was dedicated to all of his emotions. He'd rather give it to someone than be forced to trade it for money.

Furthermore, this was An Ruifeng venting rage for another company's 12th tier artist. It would undoubtedly make Bao Hui and those above him uncomfortable.

"You..." Ling Xi muttered: "Do you regard this as helping me?"

An Ruifeng: "How is that possible? I regard this as helping you help me."

Ling Xi felt compelled to crawl after the phone line and kiss An Ruifeng's hand.

"So do you agree to give me this song?"

"I agree." Although this decision filled Ling Xi's heart with reluctance, he knew it was the only viable option: "But you only have a supporting role in a few episodes of the drama, and are not a professional singer. Will the director allow you to record the closing song?"

“That’s not important.” An Ruifeng was unconcerned: “I am more popular than Bao Hui. Why will the director be dissatisfied?”

The rules of the entertainment industry were just this cruel. If you didn’t play them, they would play you.

Ling Xi thought for a moment before asking: "It's just that I wrote this song for myself at first. I'm afraid you won't be able to sing the transpose and treble in it. What is the highest note you usually sing in?"

"... I don't usually sing." An Ruifeng was not a professional singer. He'd never even taken a vocal class before. It was unusual for him to be bothered by a problem. Finally, they agreed to meet in the recording studio two days later. Ling Xi would record the demo, An Ruifeng would audition, and if any changes were required, they would discuss it on the spot.

The phone had gotten hot by the time Ling Xi hung up. The issue that had been bothering him was resolved smoothly, and Ling Xi hung up the phone with a bright and sunny smile on his face. He squatted next to the phone, laughing foolishly, so happy he resembled a sunflower.

Wu Youpeng who was eavesdropping in the corner

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