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denylistianto > Emperor’s Domination > Chapter 3908: Lil’ Yellow’s True Identity
s one of the divine beasts from Sacred Mountain?” An expert quietly asked a mightier ancestor.

The ancestor had no response and exchanged glances with his peers. No one had an answer since they haven’t been to Sacred Mountain before.

However, an elderly high elder pondered for a bit before speculating: “This should be a chaos primal beast, an earthbreaker bi’an.”

“What level is it, high heaven?” A junior has never heard of this type before.

“No, a king.” The high elder solemnly said.

“A king? Is that another classification?” The junior asked for elaboration.

“You’re unaware because you’re not strong enough. High heaven-level is only the starting point for beasts. Their true power far exceeds your imagination.” His ancestor nearby replied.

“An earthbreaker bi’an? I’ve heard of it before. My grandfather said that he saw one killing a high heaven-level beast with one slash…” A royal member became frightened.

Others found this astounding. High heaven-level beasts were monstrous enough yet this dog killed one in one move?

“Die!” Sword Hero’s voice came from the citadel. Sword hymns echoed as a maelstrom of swords materialized above.

The maelstrom instantly gushed forward like a tsunami, bringing enough destruction to kill just about anything. The crowd gasped after seeing this.

“Gao!” Lil’ Yellow barked at the incoming tsunami and its body started vibrating.

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!” The dog’s hair shot out with unstoppable momentum, instantly turning the sky into a sieve.

The hair strands struck the incoming swords, easily crushing them in no time at all. The bright particle remnants from the sword scattered before astonished eyes.

“Hair can be that tough?” Mouth became agape in disbelief.

Meanwhile, the Praetor who was dealing with Black became serious as well.

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